Han SchuilCentraal Museum in Landhuis Oud Amelisweerd

Han Schuil, HEAT XLVIII (2018), alkyd, varnish and spray paint on aluminium. Courtesy the artist & Galerie Onrust, Amsterdam. Photo Peter Cox  
Han SchuilCentraal Museum in Landhuis Oud Amelisweerd2 Sep. 12 Nov. 2023

The Centraal Museum in Utrecht is organising contemporary art exhibitions in Oud-Amelisweerd, a country house on the outskirts of the city of Utrecht. Since 2022 two exhibitions of renowned Dutch artists are presented on the first floor of Landhuis Oud-Amelisweerd each year. Han Schuil is the fourth artist participating in this programme after the previous solo's by Amie DickeMarijke van Warmerdam and Hannah van Bart.

For the past forty years, Han Schuil has developed a consistent and idiosyncratic body of work. He was among the artists who were responsible for the revival of painting in the Netherlands starting from the 1980s. Nevertheless, he cannot be linked to a specific group or movement. Schuil often works in series, where certain motifs result in a sequence of paintings, as can be seen in the exhibition at Landhuis Oud Amelisweerd.

This programme is a partner project of Hartwig Art Foundation. Next exhibition: Ansuya Blom (2024).