Saeeda Saeed

Visual activist Saeeda Saeed (1988, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia) has spent the last number of years developing guerrilla communication platforms that transgress Saudi state-controlled media. Her practice collectivizes power through incremental, joint collaborations with self-organized microstructures within her community. In 2015, Saeed set up a series of DIY Pirate Radio networks in tandem with underground musicians, erotic poets, nudist artists, members of the LGBTQIA community, and illegal immigrants transmitting over 270 hours of alternative narratives within the kingdom.

In her residency at the Jan van Eyck Academie, Saeed looks at different manifestations of her identity as an activist injecting play, performance, fiction and movement. In her more recent work, Saeed pivoted to design interventions within twitter in response to recent legislations that reconstituted “the act of retweeting narratives that go against the state or religion” as an act of terrorism. Saeed devised a series of counter posting strategies to drown out official state-run tweets and allow users to safely mask their IP locations. Among them is an Instant Meme Noise Reactor (2020), an object that spits out nonsensical, humorous insults to state-run accounts each time they post and a Portable Clickfarm (2019) that utilizes physical movement and the human body as a disruptive tool in gaining digital autonomy.