2021 – 2023

From 2021 onwards the Hartwig Art Foundation appoints a Commissioning Committee alternating on a three-year term. This commission is fully responsible for defining the process of nominating and selecting the artists for the Hartwig Art Foundation Production | Collection Fund and is independent in their decisions. The Commissioning Committee consists of art experts and representatives from Dutch and International institutions. The commission will ensure that the selected artists and produced works are representative of our time and its productions in art; they will actively engage in discussions about how to build a collection for the future, which will be owned beyond the geo-specificity of a single museum and is available for the collective of institutions in the Netherlands and internationally, and they will make their decisions with the concept of the ‘Collectie Nederland’ (the Dutch National State Collection) in mind.

The 2021 – 2023 Commissioning Committee has been appointed and will be announced publicly soon.