The Foundation is active in fostering and facilitating the production, presentation, communication and preservation of contemporary art for society at large in an effort to support the cultural ecosystem in the Netherlands and abroad. 

Art here includes all media of visual art, time-based art and future art forms in the broadest sense that are related to the continued development of artistic expression and media. The production, presentation, mediation and preservation of art aims, in particular, at the sustainable promotion of a cultural environment for society as a whole, both in terms of infrastructures and people. 

The Foundation strives for diverse and broad artistic exchange and the continuous advancement of creative production methods of the highest standards, while aiming to facilitate a role for arts and culture institutions as places of encounter for all people. 

Assets & capital

The Foundation’s assets consist of subsidies, gifts, bequests and assets obtained through inheritance, as well as other benefits. The Foundation does not engage in any activities to acquire these funds. The Foundation does not hold more capital than is reasonably necessary for the continuity of the activities planned in support of its objectives. Pursuant to the Foundation’s articles of association and its actual activity, no single person within the Foundation has decisive control. Therefore, no single person can have access to the assets of the Foundation as if it were equity capital.



B.R. Ruf


P.O. Box 51153, 1007 ED  Amsterdam, NL

The Foundation does not accept unsolicited applications


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