Meredith Monk

The Hartwig Art Foundation presents the world premiere of Meredith Monk’s Indra’s Net as part of the Holland Festival 2023 (23 – 24 June 2023). 

Meredith Monk has devoted her life to exploring the potential of the human voice, weaving together new modes of perception and expanding the boundaries of music, performance and visual art. Her newest work, Indra’s Net, is an immersive installation performance work inspired by a Buddhist tale that illustrates life’s interconnectedness.

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Indra’s Net, copyright Meredith Monk

In Fall 2023, the Hartwig Art Foundation and the Oude Kerk Amsterdam will jointly realise the first extensive European exhibition about Meredith Monk. The exhibition will showcase her music, notations, scores and drawings, sound recordings and films, and a set of immersive installations which translate themes and objects from her stage productions into new experiences. Completing the exhibition Monk develops a retrospective series of live concerts for Oude Kerk which allows for a full experience with her oeuvre. The exhibition of Meredith Monk is a collaboration in two acts at Oude Kerk, Amsterdam and Haus der Kunst München, together with the Hartwig Art Foundation. The exhibition is developed in close collaboration with Meredith Monk and The House Foundation for the Arts, New York.